Healthy Wealthy and Wise with the Holistic Health Summit

Become Healthy Wealth and Wise – Holistic Health Summit

Who are you becoming? Our team is looking for men and women in rural and regional NSW and ACT who are ready to transform for the better, in the Holistic Health Summit.

We bring you 17 of the best health and wellness practitioners to give you life-enhancing tools for immediate improvement to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Visit the Summit – click HERE

The Summit is 7 min sessions addressing three key areas of your life:
1. Empower, Renew, Life’s Purpose and Thrive – for women (includes NLP)
2. Better Relationships, More Energy and Drive – for men (incl. session from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg adolescent psychologist), and
3. Nourishing Soul Vitality for Women (includes Kinesiology)

We know you’re ready for change, and becoming a better person. This is not about getting into The Good Place, with maximum life points! This is about you, now!

With your own kids getting older and more independent, you know you’ll have more time for personal development and self-awareness. So how do you want to start this next phase in your life?

This Summit brings together local, trusted and experienced practitioners to help you take the first step – the context around planning for grand children and active retirement, understanding your whole financial team for successful transition, some better parenting and grand-parenting advice, and some stability and clarity along the way.

We’ll introduce you to the next step in hormonal balance, hydration and calm – with meditation techniques too! Conveniently all here in the Summit. Just one click to a treasure trove of knowledge for you, right now – a 24/7 Summit conveniently on your device, anytime and anywhere you are. Visit the Summit now – click HERE

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