Adapt to Change, Good for your Brain

Brain elasticity is improving as we adapt to the recent Covid-19 upheaval.

‘Brain Elasticity’ is our ability to create new pathways of thinking. “In response to stimuli, the brain remodels itself by reorganising existing neurological circuits, by generating new neurological circuits, and by dendritic growth”*.

We’ve had to:

  • remodel our lifestyles,
  • reorganise our schedules,
  • generate new habits,
  • find ourselves working in new directions, with new technology, and
  • branch out into new networks (dendritic growth).

Our pathways in the brain are being reformed to include this unprecedented experience for many. The most common reference point has been the “Spanish Flu” over a century ago.

We’re now in uncertain times, and our brain is working hard to keep us alive; thrive, survive.

We’ve seen the flight/fright response in impulse buying in supermarkets, and the unfortunate increase in anxiety due to the uncertainty of the impact the virus has on our lifestyle, school, events and employment.

This ‘survival mode’ response by our body and mind, also impacts our spiritual wellbeing. We have seen on social media supportive evidence that ‘we’re all in this together’ which is helpful in times like this knowing we’re not alone and we have a Tribe to which we belong.

Perhaps our day of judgement has arrived? This form of Armageddon is an adjustment to our lives. It’s revealing the truth of our existence, who we are, where we belong and what matters to us. And this is where I’d like to pause for a moment………

Herein lies the gem. The pearl of wisdom. The seed of innovation, adaptation and survival.

“Adapt and thrive” is a concept that leaders across the world instill in their plans for sustainability and future success.  Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin identified the adaptation of the species essential for the evolution of the animal and plant world **

Nowdays, we offer a Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer to help support you through the process of change; essential for your personal evolution and survival.

Get Started with Expect Me Wellness NOW

For a supportive program to get you through this challenging time, Get Started here on Expect Me. We’ll connect you with a wealth of local, personal expertise in holistic health and wellness, each step of the way.

We can help you with installing helpful patterns for you: body, mind and spirit, such as:

  • better breathing techniques with Online Yoga and Meditation (Physical, Energy)
  • energetic re-balancing using the subtle energy of Reiki, Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and ThetaHealing (Energy)
  • improve the availability of nourishment and energy from your food and diet with a Naturopath or Dietitian (Nutrition)
  • positive mindset and movement with Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches (Physical, Relationships)

Choose to Get started with expertise from Expect Me practitioners HERE

As you continue to adapt and thrive, your brain with thank you. It takes perseverance and commitment to make changes until they become the ‘new normal’ and Expect Me Wellness Hub is here to guide your transition into and through to the new era.

*Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nursing; a Biopsychsocial Foundation for Practice, by  Eris F Perese.

**Wallace, Darwin and the Origin of Species



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