Our Story

About Expect Me

Expect Me is a community of wellness practitioners in the Riverina, of which I am one. My name is Jacqui Herrmann and I am a kinesiologist in Leeton.

I haven’t always been a kinesiologist – it all began during the drought of 2001-2010 when I began looking for answers to better mental health. In a supportive community, it was still a lonely place, personally. So I looked to new horizons for a widening of my skill set, for me and my family.

It’s a journey that has opened my mind to endless possibilities.

When I began as a clinical kinesiologist in 2015 I could see I was running out of time to do everything on my list to get the business off the ground. I was juggling thousands of ideas all at once in a spin.

I wanted to tell my story, and show how I could help my clients, share helpful links to important info, and most of all, manage bookings and cancellations without the fuss.

So I took a leap of faith, made the investment in time and money to think, plan and work out what would be best for my clients and my time. This symbolised the dawn of Expect Me.

I finally had a Profile Page for my kinesiology clients at Soul Vibe Kinesiology, and it was very simple to use in a wide range of ways. I felt like I was now ‘online’. See my page HERE

Expect Me has grown from a facility for my clients, to now a health and wellness directory tool for over 5,000 visitors who, like my clients, are able to take an holistic look at their health, and engage with over 200 businesses on Expect Me since it’s inception – and it’s growing everyday.

Now you can discover regional services, get links to the important better-living advice from our practitioners (Blogs), and contact our experts directly (and of course me).

I’ve spent almost 20 years living on a rural rice farm with my young family, often wishing I could access remote service providers for my health, especially when the roads were cut by floods.

With Expect Me, no matter where you live, you can access expert advice online; Click here to find who offers Remote Services or use the Search function.

Expect Me is the most active online community of trusted professionals whose services and products are matched with your own personal needs at any given time. Through the web directory, I’ll showcase wellness experts who service the Riverina, southern NSW and the ACT regions.

I understand that health care isn’t just for you, it’s for your whole family. Everyday you’re taking responsibility for your health, and perhaps that of a friend or family member.

So here is my pick of regional champions that have the experience and knowledge to help you through, with a simple booking at your fingertips.

Follow us on Facebook for regular updates and features. Feel free to write your comments or ask any health and wellness questions – we have a great panel of experts who can follow up your inquiry.

Now that’s a better health solution, for everyone.

We want you to have the most beneficial experience each and every time you use these services offered. Remember, life’s all about balance, and it’s worthwhile having a look at your health holistically.

If you’re not sure how to choose a service to suit your current health needs, we can help you work it out. Just click on this link ‘Help Me Get Started’ and we’ll get the best professionals in the region to assist with what you need. Think of us as your personal health and wellbeing assistant.

Services on Expect Me are located throughout the Riverina, southern NSW and ACT. Businesses on Expect Me are qualified and certified in their area of expertise, with affiliated associations that guide their Code of Conduct.

We understand what living in regional and remote Australia is like, and we’re making the most of the lifestyle it has to offer, and the services we can offer through Expect Me. Some health and wellbeing businesses offer remote appointments that you can use phone or internet to access. This ensures the connection between what we offer and what you need, no matter where you live. See individual pages with this facility, or search ‘remote’ services HERE on the search facility.