A gentle approach to the New Year

Do you really need more of this, or less of that? Didn’t we just go through that at Christmas time?

Now’s the time to contemplate a gentle approach to the next phase of the holiday season. In January our routine goes haywire, and holidays bring the heat, family drop-ins, play dates, and also quiet time to read books, watch sport, and rest.

With a whole range of external influences pulling our emotions from one extreme to the next, are they, or worse, the voices in your head, making you feel inferior, unwell, or dis-empowered this New Year?

If so, Expect Me practitioners are here to guide your holistic wellness, one choice at a time.

Personally, my best advice is to catch yourself in the moment, and feel the simple joy of what you’re doing – no guilt or envy. Rather than using the term “should have this, or should have that…”, let’s use more often the phrase “… I’m glad we…..”, and “…I’m thankful I could…..”. It’s a simple tool, and I use it all the time. I own my words, and they come from a place of truth deep within me. Go ahead, feel free to practice it.

Then ask:

Is it time to de-clutter?                   YES
Does my gut need calming?           YES
Do I have enough energy?              YES
Can my relationships improve?      YES
Do I need a fitness buddy?             YES

Expect Me has experienced practitioners to support a gentle health and wellness transition that empowers you, and complements who you are and what’s important to you.

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