2017 – Your wake up call!

The Year of the Rooster is your wake up call! We’re expecting 2017 to be a clash of grit, determination, and head-strong fortitude.

With work, school and family demands rising we can feel like we’re being ‘hen-pecked’ or stuck in the coup trying to manage the pecking order.

I can hear you saying, “really, a smooth year ahead would be nice”, filled with the peace and calm temptations we see as we comb the social media landscape late into the night, or perhaps before the cock crows in the morning.

This is your wake up call – be awake to new possibilities with help from Expect Me experts.

Find a practitioner to help focus on your fitness and vitality through exercise and better gut health, movement and flexibility.  And get techniques to make time for self-nurture, and increase your capacity to cope with stressful situations and manage quality relationships.

Expect Me wellness experts are here to help shift energy blocks, break through noisy mind-talk, and manage debilitating pain, in a way that is best for you.

Start TODAY!

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