3 reasons telehealth services suit rural families

3 Reasons Telehealth is Wellness for Rural Families

Telehealth is a convenient, timely and personal way to look after the health and wellness for rural families just like yours.

It’s what makes connecting to a health care professional easier for people on farms, small business owners, mothers house-bound with toddlers, or families unable to get to service centres due to Covid-restrictions, long distances or muddy roads.

Telehealth is described by the Australian government as the ‘use of telecommunication techniques for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical education, and health education over a distance’, while drawing a distinction between this and telemedicine, which is defined as the ‘use of advanced telecommunication technologies to exchange health information and provide health care services across geographic, time, social and cultural barriers’.

Here at Expect Me, our practitioners offer online ‘meet and greet’ services, online consultations and conversations to help you get the best way forward in your health and wellness journey. See who offers free online consultations on Expect Me HERE

1. Convenient

Telehealth gives you the convenience of a scheduled connection with a wellness practitioner on the phone, or online via meeting platforms such as Zoom or Messenger, and include video links to YouTube and Vimeo. You use your phone, device or laptop, so you can say goodbye to waiting rooms and long car trips, when you can conveniently connect online or on your mobile phone.

2. Timely

We understand that ‘time is money’ and Expect Me wants to save you time, so you can get on with the things that matter. So connecting with your practitioner on the phone or online gives you the flexibility to access our services when you want it. No need to leave your post, or organise baby sitter services. Simply access healthy choices, and quality information when it suits you. Visit the Directory HERE

3.  Personal

Our practitioners want to connect with you personally. They want to know if they’re a suitable ‘fit’ to achieve your health and wellness goals, and once you’ve made that commitment to each other, the journey is designed with your personal circumstances in mind. Our practitioners are small business managers with worldly experience and expertise to suit you where you’re at, and what you need now. Their strategies and programs for better health are tailored to suit you and your needs, so let them know what’s happening so they’re prepared as well.

Be sure to make it clear with your Telehealth professional when you don’t understand their comments or instructions. And be aware that some Telehealth professionals have been known to prescribe medications and order them for you to collect – so be sure when you finish with the conversation on the phone or online, that you are clear if there are any prescriptions, how much they will cost, and what they are meant to do for you.

If you have existing medications, then you’ll also need to declare them to the Telehealth professional. We don’t want your existing health plan to be put at risk by assuming the Telehealth professional knows what your health plan is – make it clear and ask questions when you’re not sure.

The best thing you can do is take ownership of your health, so that the benefits of convenience, timeliness and personal care are realised.

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Not sure where to start? Then Get Started, by sharing with us where you’re at, and we’ll give you a call to sort out your next step. Click HERE to Get Started.

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