Sept 4, RESET the jaw to balance the body, Griffith


RESET is a fabulous short workshop that teaches you all about the impact of the jaw on the rest of the body and gives you tools and tips to relax the jaw. We have had amazing results with all sorts of conditions, such as pain; fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue, arthritis.

You don’t need any prior experience for RESET and it is a great adjunct for any therapies. During the workshop, you learn to balance your own jaw as well as how to work on others. You also get to experience a RESET balance on yourself.

RESET can achieve the following…
More stability in hip, knee and foot muscles * A more balanced acupuncture meridian system * Less tension in 80% of muscles in the body * Less headaches, sinus and migraine problems * Improved digestion and assimilation of food * More balanced glands and hormone * Improved toxin elimination through the kidney *Resulting in a healthier body/mind/spirit.

Stresses and toxins are released with healing energy. The jaw muscles affect the body holistically. Using this technique, the muscles, skeleton, nervous system, endocrine system and hydration of the whole body is balanced.

Feel free to check out the Kinergetics-RESET website for further information:

Location: Yambil Street Specialist Centre, Yambil Street Griffith NSW 2680
Time: 6pm – 9pm Tuesday, 4th September, 2018
Contact: Jacqui Herrmann, Soul Vibe Kinesiology on 0427 552 369

$100 per person

0427 552369

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