Mar 23, Absolute Soul Meditation Retreat, Galong NSW


In 2007, after a deep search for spiritual awakening and fulfillment, Robyn Collins experienced an expanded state of reality where she received a unique message and practice: “Absolute Soul Meditation” (ASM) which follows from her first published book ” Return to Soul”.

Absolute Soul Meditation (ASM), a direct pathway to awakening and transcendental consciousness, is a completely contemporary approach to connecting with your higher self, for soul to soul connection and for spiritual development. ASM is a simple meditative practice for directing the attention away from the ego mind to the source of conscious awareness, inner silence and presence. As it is only ‘pointing’ attention away from stressful thoughts and beliefs, it is simply a pathway to the goal of attaining self-realisation or full conscious awakening. It is not associated with any spiritual path or religious organisation.

How does it work?

Level ONE – Weekend Retreat
Part 1.
Effortlessly brings awareness back to the present moment, healing our subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to begin to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation, and reclaim their innerpeace

Part 2.
Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be.

Part 3.
Heals our relationship to the source of Love. Whilever there is still a sense of separation from true Love, there is the possibility of suffering and pain. The judgments we hold in this area, even if not conscious, create experiences of beliefs in separation, automatically reality becomes clear. Love is the very presence of one’s own being. One begins to directly experience the most fundamental of all truths; that you have never been, nor will you ever be, separate from the source of All That Is.

Part 4.
Based on compassion, this technique is the handmaiden of expanding awareness. It is the natural by-product of a life aligned with parts 1,2 & 3. As one’s consciousness naturally expands through practice , Compassion effortlessly replaces judgment, initially with oneself, and ultimately with all of creation. This technique births this experience and heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.

Cost details: $695 Ensuite, $650 share bathroom, $150 – non refundable deposit

Location:  Galong, NSW (1 hour drive from Canberra)
Time: early to late each day, ask for information from Robyn Collins
Contact: Robyn Collins on 0450 509 882

$695 per person