May 5,6 – Discover your Magic, Griffith NSW



To enrich, empower and connect country women with knowledge and ways of communicating in tranquility, abundance, knowing and synchronicity.

Vision Statement:

  • To share with you the tools to create calmness and to apply those tools to free and express yourself mindfully and with fluent emotion.


  • Our goals are to provide a space for personal expression, so you can focus and observe mindful thoughts; to connect to your hidden self; to connect and feel safe in any environment; and to tap into hidden talents.

Attainments or Accomplishments:

  • To discover and be empowered by mindfulness, seek to observe, focus, concentrate, breathe and connect with greater vision.


  • The Four Pillars Coaching team use all their different abilities and open your talents to possibilities.

Underlying Issue:

  • This program was triggered by the perceived need of tranquillity,  through skills of mindfulness and knowing, the desire to create  abundance in all areas of function including awakening and activating  leadership synchronicity and hidden talents.

Abundance Created:

  • This program is set to assist the communities in our regional  areas to bring calmness and tranquility through mindfulness and  knowing  to release stresses and create abundance and synchronicity  while revealing hidden talents.

Location: Green Gecko Garden Centre, Burley Griffin Way, Griffith NSW 2680
Time: Saturday 6th May, 4pm – 9pm and Sunday 7th May, 9am – 4pm
Contact: Fiona Hart, Four Pillars Coaching Centre, p. 0427 969 842

$155 per person (for bookings prior to 2nd May)

Fiona Hart 0427 969 842

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